Driftwood Furniture

Seaside decor is all about driftwood greys, blues and bleached whites. The Pacific west coast of Canada offers an abundant supply of driftwood scattered across beaches. With grey-blue hues of colour this wood is beautiful for decorating. The curving, flowing natural shapes inspire creative design. www.DriftwoodFurniture.ca showcases some of these Seaside inspired works of furniture art.

Driftwood White

What is refreshing about being at the ocean? Seaside design is fresh and clean with breezy wide open spaces.  Here designers can use driftwood to add a natural curving art into the mix. And that driftwood element doesn’t have to hang on the wall as a stick, it can be furniture.

Ocean Wilderness Inn

Our clients say

""Hey Greg! Just wanted to reach out and say hey! FINALLY had a chance to get home and lie down in my new bad ass driftwood bed. Thanks so much for such an awesome piece of work man. Its beautiful.! "
Jake H.
“Your driftwood bed seems to be a big hit! I truly love that style of furniture so unique and earthy and hand made, you truly have a great gift! I'll treasure my bed forever.”
April C.

Driftwood Beds

The beauty and style of the larger driftwood arches and shapes

are perfect for whimsical beds.

Kelp Bed

Driftwood flowing like kelp


Driftwood Queen Bed

nice arching head and footboards. 

DRiftwood Queen Bed

design inspired by the curved driftwood.

After years of rustic furniture building my attention has turned to creating works of art from, and inspired by the wood on the beach. Driftwood provides an endless assortment of shapes to fit any design. Besides the logs, painted flat driftwood planks and roughly hewn fir beams and slabs can be turned into table and cabinet tops or other furniture parts.  From experienced furniture building design and build techniques comes a fresh new seaside furniture style. While each piece you see here is unique and could now be sold another could be built in a similar style. 

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